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May 09Creating Roles and Have Fun


An Introduction to the System:

Medieval Might has added the Player Help FAQ into the game. Click on the question mark at the upper left corner of the corresponding operation interface to access the questions that have been asked. If you fail to correctly correct the corresponding question, the player can also use "Search" function to search keywords.

Create Your Role and Have Fun

Q1. Do you have fun in this game?

A: It's a great fun. Here, you can have a joyful experience of conquering enemies; at the same time, the game also offers some special features like Siege Attack, adventure, and capturing slaves, etc. As your ability gradually improves, you will finally succeed in your conquering career as an emperor of the world!


Q2. How to play this game?

A: For the newbie players, the best way to get to know the game is to finish the novice quests. Players will also get bountiful rewards from them. It is a shortcut for rapid growth at the very beginning.


Q3. After registration, what if my gender is wrongly selected?

A: Go to Palace of the capital and find the Guard. You can spend 50 Gold to change your gender here, and then refresh the page to view the change.


Q4. Where to receive gifts?

A: For players at Lv.15, Lv.25 and Lv.35, they have to accept quests from the Chief in Novice Village, and then receive bonuses from the Queen of the empire. For players at Lv.45 and Lv.60, they have to accept quests at Novice Village but receive bonuses.


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