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May 09Encounter


An Encounter is a battle in which both sides meet within a certain area. When players are in a certain scene, they can find a "View all" list at the upper right corner of the game interface. Choose a player to launch an attack. But before that, they need to adjust their combat mode to the Killing Mode. Players under the Peace Mode may not be attacked. After the Killing Mode is set, players should wait for at least 30 minutes to change it to the Peace Mode. 

Status Adjustment:
1. Automatic Adjustment: When players access the battle area or the areas of other empires, the combat mode will automatically change to the Killing Mode.
2. Manual Adjustment: beside the "View all" list, players can view their current combat mode. Click to switch the mode.

Battle Result:

If players lose all military forces in the battle, they will automatically return to their capital.


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