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May 09Conquest System


Process of Conquering the Pass:

Enter the map interface, select "Brugge" and then "Waterloo". As it is impossible to disturb the military deployment of Waterloo, players must take the emblems out of the pass to fight, and send the corresponding emblems to the guarding heroes. It is the beginning of killing enemies. As there are countless enemies, players must launch continuous attacks until all the enemies are beaten. Every time an enemy is defeated, players will enter the troop adjustment interface. In the interface, players can choose "Continue" or "End". They can also reallocate the deployment of the troops:

1. If players choose "End", they will acquire all accumulated Exp and return to the interface of the entering passes;

2. If players choose "Continue", they will fight with the enemies at the next pass;

3. If players win the battle, Exp acquired from attacking the passes will be added up. If the Exp is property bonus, players can acquire it directly;

4. If players lose the battle, the revival chance will be -1. When the revival chance is below 0, players will get one half of the accumulated Exp and return to the starting interface.


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