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May 09World War System


1. Registration for Establishing Battlefield:

1) Time: 21: 00 to 22:20 every day

2) Place: Go to the border of your country or the city with fighting mark, entering Triumphal Arch, click on Combat button to register;

3) By 21:20, when the number of the registered accounts reaches 5 in each Triumphal Arch, the battle begins.


2. Involving in Battlefield:

When the empire is involved in the Word War battlefield, all players can leave for the Triumphal Arch to take part in the Word War. After entering the Triumphal Arch, click Combat to join in the battle.


3. Requirements to take part in the War World

a) Player's level reaches 30 or above;

b) Combat level reaches 15 or above;

c) Players are in the battlefield of their own empires.


4. Combat Pairing

All players will be involved in combats at three battlefields according to the levels. Players at the same battlefield level can be paired. Details are as follows:

1) Battlefield Lv.1: 30<=Lv.<60, Combat Lv.>=10, Soldiers Lv.>=2, Soldiers Number>=150

2) Battlefield Lv.2: 60<=Lv.<80, Combat Lv.>=60, Soldiers Lv.>=6, Soldiers Number>=800

3) Battlefield Lv.3: 80<=Lv.<=120, Combat Lv.>=80, Soldiers Lv.>=8, Soldiers Number>=1000

Therefore, enthusiasm is not enough. Remember to upgrade military levels and take enough soldiers before registering in combats.


5. World War Results

1) If a certain empire takes precedence to acquire 10000 Credits, this empire is the winner;

2) If neither party acquires 10000 Credits before 21:00, then the party with higher Credits is the winner;

3) The winner has the ownership of the Triumphal Arch. In the map, a mark is shown on where the Triumphal Arch is located.

Tips: The first three times taking part in the World War won't consume any troops.


6. Combat Scores:



7. Host Advantage for World war

To keep the game in balance as well as to make sure players enjoy a positive gaming experience, players will have additional attack and defense advantages if the war takes place in their own empire. Additional bonuses are listed in the chart below:


8. World War Honor

In Medieval Might, players will receive Honor Points if they participate in the World War. Honor Points can be exchanged for Coins and equipments, and also determines the position of a player.

A.     How to Get Honor Points?

When a player participates in the World War, certain Honor Points are awarded to the player after each battle. The amount is determined by the player's level and the battle result.

B.     Usage of Honor points.

1)     Exchange for Silver: If players' empire takes over Dubai, they can exchange Honor Points for Silver in the 7-star Shop. Please view the following table.


If Dubai is not taken, then players should exchange the points in the capital. Exchange rate is as follow:

2)     To exchange for equipments, the player's empire need to take over certain cities. Requirements for exchange are listed below:

Note: If Dubai is not occupied and less than 6 cities are owned, the King, the Duke, the Count or Marquis can receive the Emergency Fund in the capital with Honor Points. 100 Honor Points can be exchanged for 100 Silver.

3)     Election

A position or title is given according to the Honor Points a player has in a period of 3 days.


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