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May 09Siege Attack


1. Before entering the Siege Attack, players should reach Lv.20 or above. The attack is divided into 4 grades. Players should meet the level requirement before they can join the Siege Attack of different grades.

2. How to launch a Siege Attack?
1) Click on the "Siege" icon in the function box at the bottom right corner;
2) A pop-up window appears with a "Siege List" and an "Enemy List";
3) Select "Siege List" and you will see the players listed for fighting;
4) Select the "Enemy List" and you will find the players you once attacked;

5) Select one player from either list and click on the"Attack" icon to attack the player;
6) The winner will be awarded with 1 Exploit Point.
7) If the attacker wins, he or she will be awarded with part of the reserve resources of the defender in addition.

3. Names in different colors indicate that the players are from different empires.


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