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May 09Honor and Peerage System


In Medieval Might, players can be awarded with Honor Points by joining in the World War, and exchange Honor Points for Silver and equipments. Moreover, the official Peerages of an empire are generated on the basis of the Honor Points awarded.

How to get Honor Points?
If players participate in the World War, they will be awarded with a certain amount of Honor Points after the war on the basis of players' level and the fighting results.

How to use Honor Points?
1) Exchange for Silvers

If players' empire has occupied the Arch of Triumph in Dubai, players can exchange the Honor Points for Silver at the 7-star Shop in Dubai. The exchange amount is as follows:


If Dubai is not taken, players should exchange the points in their capital. The exchange amount is listed below:



2) Exchange for Equipments

To exchange for equipments, the player's empire need to take over certain cities in other empires. Equipments can only be exchanged in the 7-star Shop in Dubai. Requirements for exchange are listed below:


3) Campaign for Official Peerages (not available now)

According to the Honor Points acquired within 3 days, players will be awarded with an official Peerage.


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