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May 09Slave System


In the slave system, the player can capture other defeated players during wars to take them as your slaves so that you can obtain benefit from the slaves, and perform exchange between the slaver and slaves.

How to acquire slaves
1) Enter the Arena of the main city. After defeating your rivals arranged by the system according to the current ranking, the names of the rivals will be listed on the page of "Losers" in the "Slave Market";

2) The player can launch a combat of "capture slaves" against the "Losers". After gaining victory of the combat, he or she will become your slave;

3) Each slave can serve for three days. During slave service period, if any player or slave launches any combat of capture slaves and is beaten, the slave will be seized away. The man seizing the slaves will appear within the page of "Enemy" of the player. The players of the same clan may not be captured.

4) If there are no slaves serving for the player, and if the one is beaten in the battle for capture slaves, he or she will be a slave. Slaves can be released to have freedom by means of counterattack,redemption and request for salvation by friends of the same clan or waiting for3 days before having freedom.

5) After release of the relationship between the master and servants with slavers,it will appear at the page of "Ex-Master". If the player is separated, as long as they are not slavers, you can launch the fight for capture slaves against the player within the page of "Losers", "Enemy"and "EX-Master".

6) Upper limit of times allowed to capture slaves and save slaves at different levels is different from the upper limit of salves. For details, please refer to the table below:
Level Grade Upper limit of slave Upper limit of capture/salvation

  1. LV1 | 019 | 0 | 0
  2. LV2 | 2039 | 2 | 4
  3. LV3 | 4059 | 3 | 6
  4. LV4 | 6079 | 4 | 8
  5. LV5 | 80120 | 5 | 10

7) Player below LV20 may not acquire slaves. Neither will he or she become a slave from "Losers".

8) Within the range of the level, you can capture the player of the same level as a slave.

9) The next capture can be made in 10 seconds after capturing the slaves each time.

Interaction between Slaver and Slaves

1) From the beginning of success in capturing slaves, slaves will automatically generate experience values. When the slave breaks away from its slaver, the slaver can acquire experiences from this portion. There will be no loss of experiences of the slaves themselves in this process.

2) Slavers can perform comforting and torturing activities for their slaves.Comforting and torturing will decrease a small amount of experience to the chief hero of the slaver.

3) The slave can perform pleasing operation for its slaver. The slave can acquire a small amount of experience out of pleasing.


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