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May 09Recruiting Heroes


You are no longer a standalone knight, but a hero commanding great military forces. With powerful troops, you will be able to make great accomplishments or even to be the conqueror in the world of Legend of Emperors! But how do you recruit heroes you like?

1. In the function box, click on "Hero" button to access to the
"List of Heroes", then you will see “Hire Heroes” button.Click to access to the "Hire Heroes" interface.

2. In the
"Hire Heroes" interface, click on"Hire" to be able to Hire heroes of different kinds: cavalry hero,infantry hero, artillery hero, archer hero, bodyguard hero and versatile hero.

Reminder: Heroes will be replaced every hour.
If you use senior hero rune, you will be able to directly acquire a hero at a level between 25 and 30 with random growth, while platinum hero rune is 26.5-30at random growth, and brick and stone hero rune is 28-30 at random growth.


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