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Mar 08Catch Bug, Win Gold


In order to provide a smoother and stabler gameplay for our players after the server relocation, we sincerely invite all of you to find bugs in Medieval Might and report to us in this thread. Your feedback is of great importance for us to optimize the game. Log in the game to catch the bugs now! The fastest bug catchers will be rewarded with 100 free Gold for each bug.


Time: 21:00 on Mar 8 to 21:00 on Mar 15, 2012* (7 days)


Server: EMPEROR (S1)



1. Post any bug you find in this thread.

2. There is no limit on how many bugs you post, but all bugs should be first-hand; that means you should not copy from any other player.

3. You should give a detailed description of the bug you find, including the time you find it, the browser you use as well as a screenshot that can show the problem. This information is important in assisting us to check out the bug.

4. We will confirm the bugs posted in this thread first to make sure whether the bugs exist.

5. For the same bug, the reward will be offered to the first player who posts it. A player can post multiple bugs here and win Gold more than once.

6. Note that you will be disqualified if your post does not meet the above requirements.


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Click the link below to post the bugs!

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100 Gold for each confirmed bug


Rewards Delivery

We will check out the bugs reported in this thread. Rewards will be delivered to the accounts of the eligible players within 3 days after the activity ends.


* Note

Start Time

21:00:00 Thur. Mar 8, 2012 (GMT+8; Perth Time);

05:00:00 Thur. Mar 8, 2012 (PST);

08:00:00 Thur. Mar 8, 2012 (EST);

13:00:00 Thur. Mar 8, 2012 (GMT).


End Time

21:00:00 Thur. Mar 15, 2012 (GMT+8; Perth Time);

06:00:00 Thur. Mar 15, 2012 (PDT);

09:00:00 Thur. Mar 15, 2012 (EDT);

13:00:00 Thur. Mar 15, 2012 (GMT).


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