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May 09Hero System


1. An Introduction to Heroes:
In Medieval Might, a player is no longer a role of single knight in the game, but a commander commanding a great troop. The personal bravery of the player is no longer important. A powerful troop is the cornerstone of a troop in this world for development and growth. In the game interface, a player does not lead soldiers to be involved in battles, but allows different heroes to command soldiers in battles. Therefore, the position of a hero in a battle is paramount. A lion leading a group of sheep can beat a sheep leading a group of lions. This is the military soul. The quality of a hero determines the quality of a troop.

2. Classification of Heroes

Heroes are divided into 6 categories in the game. Different heroes are good at leading different arms of service. They are respectively:

Infantry hero: good at commanding infantry arms of service.
Cavalry hero: good at commanding cavalry arms of service.
Archer hero: good at commanding archer arms of service.
Artillery hero: good at commanding artillery arms of service.
Bodyguard hero: good at commanding nomad arms of service.
Versatile hero: capable of commanding any arms of service.

3. Recruiting and Dismissing Heroes
Click on "Heroes" option in the function box, and select "Hire"option, the heroes you can hire will appear before you. Select appropriate objects to be able to make recruitment.
If you want to dismiss a hero, in the "Heroes List", click on the "Details"button of the hero you want to dismiss. From the status interface popped up,select "Fire".

4. Properties of Heroes
The quality of a hero relies on its own properties, including: attack, defense,strength and agility.
Four properties will add properties to the troop a hero commands, and will have a direct effect on the fighting forces of a troop.
In addition to these four fighting properties, a hero also has the "commanding"property, which will affect the number of forces led by a hero.
Number of forces led by a hero = commanding value of a hero + title commanding value of a hero.

5. Growth Values of Heroes
For heroes at different kinds of growth, after an increase in level each time,their properties will be increased differently. Different colors are used for differentiation according to different growth values of heroes.
Growth value of gray hero: <25
Growth value of green hero: 25-30
Growth value of blue hero: ≥30

At Aesop of the imperial capital, "growth scrolls"can be used to increase growth values of heroes. The higher the growth values,the greater failure probability. The growth value will drop by 25 in the case of failure in promotion.

6. Hero’s Equipment
In addition to their own properties, heroes can also enhance their equipment using different kinds of gems. Details are set out in the Equipment System.

7. Use of Heroes
According to the current operation conditions of heroes, they are divided into "Current Heroes" and "Standby Heroes". Among them, "Current Heroes"are divided into the statuses of "Attack" and "Defense".Heroes on campaign are used to perform all external military activities of the player, while heroes in defense are used to defend the fortresses of the player from others’ attack. Using Military Academy is also required to turn heroes into the defense status.

The number of "Current Heroes" has its upper limit,with maximum 6 heroes. When the number of heroes reaches the upper limit, no more heroes can be recruited. The player can select conversion of part of heroes and convert into the "Standby Heroes".The operation method is: click on the "Character→ Hero List", select the "Standby Hero" option to select the hero to be converted and click on "Convert into Standby". The maximum number of standby heroes can be 11. No chief hero may be converted into a standby hero. In this interface, you can turn the current hero into the standby one, or vice verse.

8. Fighting Levels
1)Fighting levels indicate the fighting forces of a hero. The higher the fighting level, the more powerful the fighting forces.
2) In the fighting process, the side with a higher fighting level will have injury percentages.



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