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May 09Church System


Characteristics of Church
A church is a team organization where you join other players to be intimate comrades in arms. We must know that individual power and strength are very limited. More people form greater strength.

Benefits after involvement in a church
1) After involvement in a church, you will be able to experience delight from group fight by means of a church war.
2) After fight, you will not have to compensate for medical treatment costs.Moreover, there are many church medals for you.

Establishment of Church
After a player reaches LV20 or above, he or she can access to the interface of a church using the "Church" button in the function box. First, click on "Create Church". And then pay 20silvers to create his or her church.

Involvement in Church
Access the "Church" interface. And from "All Churches", you can see the list of all churches in this server. After selecting one of them, you can apply for involvement. In addition, you can select involvement by church ranking lists.

Church War
Registration: There are 15 minutes of the registration time every day. It will start combat 15 minutes later. The Church war lasts from the beginning of the combat to the decision of the winners. Every church member can enter the church interface for registration of involvement within the registration time.


Dispatch Troops:


After the end of registration of a church war, there will be 15 minutes for players to get ready. You can click on "Go ahead" in the church combat interface to select your heroes and troops. Once the dispatched troop is determined, it is impossible to make any changes in it.

Fighting Results
After each combat, players will acquire some exploits, and churches where players come from will be awarded church credits. After the end of a church war, ranking of these churches stations can be made according to church credits acquired from all churches in this church war.


The more people involved in church wars, the more ensigns they will have; the more exploits they acquire, then the more church credits there will be.


Combat Bonuses
Every player involved in a church war will be awarded ensigns and exploits after the end of a church war. Number of exploits awarded will be the total fighting levels of all heroes that have defeated the rivals. Churches of the first three places will be awarded church treasure boxes as bonuses. In addition, players with better individual ranking in a church war can also be awarded church treasure boxes as bonuses.



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