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May 09Maze System


Layout of Maze:
1) Foothold: Display player entering into every layer of Maze.
2) Teleporter: There are four teleporters: Eastern Gate, Southern Gate, Western Gate and Northern Gate. Every teleporter is guarded by tower guard.
3) Award place: 5th layer, 10th layer, 15th layer and the last layer can get award, but only once for each event.
4) Return to Dubai: through this you can leave Maze to Dubai.

Rules of Maze:
1) Time: every Wednesday and Saturday, start at 19: 00.
  Note: Specific time according to the game data!
2) Target player: all players of Lv. 30 or above in all states
3) Maze generation: the system automatically generates the Maze before the beginning of each event; paths are different for the three states; once the Maze is generated, the system will broadcast the notice;
4) Enter the Maze: Palm Island in Dubai, enter the 1st layer of the Maze

5) Teleport to the next layer: as long as the Boss of the layer (the tower guard) is defeated, the door of teleporter will be opened.Click the door to be teleported to the appointed locations: to the last layer,the next layer, next two layers or the current layer, all are possible;
6) System broadcast: if a player be the first reaching a record of new layer,the system will broadcast;
7) Broadcast the award: the system will broadcast top 5 players who are the first reaching top layer of the Tower;
8) Note: It is non-safe area inside the Maze. Player will be attacked in killing mode. If the player comes back to Dubai and then returns to the Maze,he will start from the 1st layer.

Award of Maze:

1) Common award: each player can get award at 5th, 10th, 15th and the final layers. Award can be received only once for each event;


2) Advanced award: Top 5 players who are the first reaching top layer of the Tower in each event will get rich award, regardless of their states.


3) Note: rules of getting packages at random according to the level of the chief hero


Ranking of Maze pass
Each Maze event, we will record the scores of players taking part in this event, the Ranking of maze pass records 50 players who get the top 50 scores in all previous Maze event.

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