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May 07Fighting System


I. Fighting Rules

Fighting process:
After accessing to the fighting interface, the troops led by each hero will take action in the following order:
1. Arms of service with higher flexibility move first;
2. Arms of service of the same flexibility from the same party take action according to the sequences of heroes (Hero sequence numbers are set in the “Hero List” interface). Even if different positions have been shifted, there will be no change in orders of action.

Combat levels:
Combat levels are important parameters calculated in war. In the process of fighting, the party with a higher Combat level has injury percentages.

II. Encounter
An encounter is a battle in which both sides meet within a certain area. When the player is in a certain scene, by the “Nearby Player” list in the right upper corner of the game interface, you can launch attacks against the players of current scenes. When it is required to launch attacks against other players of current scene, it is required to adjust your combat status to the killing mode. And you can only attack against other players in the killing status. Players under the peace mode may not be attacked, after the killing mode is adjusted, at least 30 minutes are required before the peace mode is adjusted back.

Status Adjustment:
Automatic adjustment: when it accesses the battle area or area of other states, it is automatically adjusted to the killing mode.

Manual adjustment: In the “Nearby Player” list, the “Current Mode” of the player is displayed. Manually click for mode switching.

Battle result: If players without military forces on campaign are defeated, then they will automatically return to the imperial capital;

III. Siege Attack
1) For entering the “Siege Attack” level, it is required that character level should reach LV20 or above. Levels involved in the "Siege Attack" are divided into several levels. Players at different levels are unable to enter siege attack levels against one another.

Level Grade
LV1 20
LV2 40
LV3 60
LV4 80

2) How to launch “Siege Attack”?
1. Click on “Siege Attack” in the function box in the right lower corner.
2. A pull-down box appears in the left upper corner, with options of “Siege Attack List” and “Hostile List” respectively.
3. Select “Siege Attack List” to be able to enter the player list in fighting.
4. Select the “Hostile List” to be able to see the player list you once attacked against.
5. In the list, select one player, and click on Attack icon to be able to attack against such a player.
6. The party winning a siege attack can be awarded 1 exploit point.
7. If an attacker wins, he or she can be awarded part of reserve resources of the defender.

3) Names in different colors in the Siege Attack List indicate different states.

IV. World War System
1. Registration for Creating Battlefield
1) Time: start at a specific time every day;
2) Place: city connecting other countries with this country, with registration available after entry into the arch of triumph to [Join in Battlefield];
3) Battlefield takes shape when the registration number of the attacker accounts for 10 up to the start time.

2. Join in Battlefield
1) After a state war battlefield with involvement of this state has been formed, all players can leave for the arch of triumph of this battlefield to be involved in the state wars. After entry into the arch of triumph, click on
Combatto be able to join in the combat.
2) Players having lost 10 battles in a world war are not allowed to be involved in the state war that day.

3. Restriction of War Involvement
Players with player level at ≥30, and fighting level at ≥35 if involved in war must be a member of the parties involved in war.

4. Combat Pairing
All players join in battles with their levels divided into three battlefield levels. Players of the same battlefield levels are paired, with pairing information as follows.
1) Battlefield level 1:30<=Level<60, Combat level>=15, Military level>=2, number of soldiers>=150
2) Battlefield level 2:60<=Level<80, Combat level>=60, Military level>=6, number of soldiers>=800
3) Battlefield level 3:80<=Level<=120, Combat level>=80, Military level>=8, number of soldiers>=1000

5. Fighting Credits
Fighting credits of state war include individual honors and state credits. Individual honors can be used to exchange for silvers or honor equipment (Details are set in “Role System/Honors”), with amounts acquires as follows.


6. World war results
1) When a state acquires 10000 credits, such state is the winner;
2) When credits fail to meet 10000 credits, then the party with the highest credits is the winner, then the one with the highest credits is the winner;
3) Winning camps will have the ownership of such a pass. In the map, there is display of camp identification of the map in this pass.

V. Church Wars
Schedule of church war: registration start at a special every day, registration time will last 15 minutes. Combat starts 15 minutes later and last until the final winner is determined.

Fighting process
1) Members of different churches can enter the church interface for registration of involvement within the registration period;
2) After a church war starts, players involved in church wars are arranged to enter the battlefields and players are all numbered;
3) All players are randomly paired to join in battles. Players from the same church will not be paired. Winners will enter the next round, while the loser will be kicked off from the seats of audience.
4) Repeat the previous step and until all remaining players are from the same church, ranking combat is over. The fighting result is that the church finally remaining in the battlefield will be the first place; the church that is eliminated last is the second place, and the church being the second to be eliminated on a countdown basis is the third place.

Combat bonuses
Every player having joined a church war will be awarded combat medals after the church war is over. The number of medals acquired is the total of combat levels of all heroes defeating their rivals.

VI. Combat at Arena
Launch challenge
1) Players are required to be in the imperial capitals of their own states. After they enter the “Arena”, they can launch arena challenge. Players at any levels can enter the arena interface;
2) Players >=LV6 can launch challenges;
3) At the end of an arena combat, it is required to launch challenge or to be challenged once again at the interval of 3 minutes. In this period, there is reminder of countdown texts in the interface;
4) Each player can launch at most 15 challenges at an arena every day;
5) Objects to be challenged: Objects to be challenged by players are automatically distributed by the system according to ranking of players at the arena. They will be unable to choose specific players.

Combat rules
1) If all non standby heroes of the fighting parties join in battles (including campaign and defense), certain arms of service led by heroes will be fully supplied before they are involved in the battles;
2) If the current non standby heroes have no soldiers, then random arms of service will be supplied for them;
(1) Case 1: Arms of service at LV0 camp will not be involved in random soldiers;
(2) Case 2: Arms of service at random will be subject to the levels of soldiers at the highest level of the current camps;
3) It will be subject to ordinary combat. After the combat, the original military forces will be recovered.

Fighting results
1) After the challenger wins, the challenged party will enter the beaten hero list of the challenger.


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