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Nov 28Cyber Monday Offer Giveaway


To show our heartfelt gratitude for the consistent support of our players, we are providing special offers for Gold purchase in this special day!

Duration: 21:00 on Nov 28 to 21:00 Dec 1, 2011* (3 day)

Server: EMPEROR (S1)

During this activity, players who accumulate their recharge to a certain amount will earn rich rewards in return after the activity ends!

Click the link below to Purchase Gold!
>>>>> Purchase Gold Here <<<<<


1. Eligible players can receive the rewards only ONCE. For example, if your accumulated recharge amount reaches 800 Gold, you can only receive the rewards for 500 Gold.
2. The rewards will be sent to your Backpack within 3 working days after the activity ends. Please make room for them in advance.

Start Time
21:00:00 Mon. Nov 28, 2011 (GMT+8; Perth Time);
05:00:00 Mon. Nov 28, 2011 (PST);
08:00:00 Mon. Nov 28, 2011 (EST);
13:00:00 Mon. Nov 28, 2011 (GMT).

End Time
21:00:00 Thur. Dec 1, 2011 (GMT+8; Perth Time);
05:00:00 Thur. Dec 1, 2011 (PST);
08:00:00 Thur. Dec 1, 2011 (EST);
13:00:00 Thur. Dec 1, 2011 (GMT).


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