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Nov 19Great Church Fighters


Thanksgiving Day is coming! There is an old saying goes: No pain, no gain. In Medieval Might, as long as you join a church and take part in the Church War to make effort for your church, you may gain bountiful Silver Bricks as the Thanksgiving gift. Hurry up to equip your heroes and train your troops well to fight for the rewards. 


Time: 10:00 on Nov 19, 2011 to 10:00 on Nov 26, 2011* (7 days)


Server: EMPEROR (S1)



1.       During this activity, Chairman of the church can mobilize their members to join the Church War and win Ensign as more as possible. The top ten churches in the Weekly Rank will be rewarded. (Tip: You can check your weekly church rank by clicking the shortcut Rank at the bottom of the game interface.)

2.       Players can join a church and participate in the Church War held at 10:00 every day.

3.       Have no idea about the Church War? Click this guide for help!  

4.       We will collect the data of Weekly Rank in Church rank at 10:00 of Nov 26, 2011 and officially announce the eligible churches afterwards.

5.       Each member in the eligible churches can get the rewards ONCE.






50 Silver Bricks


45 Silver Bricks


40 Silver Bricks


35 Silver Bricks


30 Silver Bricks


25 Silver Bricks


20 Silver Bricks


15 Silver Bricks


10 Silver Bricks


5 Silver Bricks


Function of the Silver Brick

After use, 10 Silvers will be acquired. Caution: Silver may be stolen if over 200! (Unable to sell to system)


Prize Delivery

The prizes will be directly put into the Church Hall within 3 working days after the activity ends. The Chairman is responsible for distributing the prizes among his church members. Church members can access the Church panel and click the Award button to claim their rewards in the Items awarding of the Hall.



Start Time

10:00:00 Sat. Nov 19, 2011 (GMT+8);

18:00:00 Fri. Nov 18, 2011 (PST);

21:00:00 Fri. Nov 18, 2011 (EST);

02:00:00 Sat. Nov 19, 2011 (GMT).


End Time

10:00:00 Sat. Nov 26, 2011 (GMT+8);

18:00:00 Fri. Nov 25, 2011 (PST);

21:00:00 Fri. Nov 25, 2011 (EST);

02:00:00 Sat. Nov 26, 2011 (GMT).



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