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May 11How to Recruit


When you have heroes of different categories, you may not allow your heroes to be the single commanders. You command heroes, while your heroes command soldiers,but how do your heroes recruit soldiers?

1. In the function box, click on "Recruit" button to be able to access to the
"Recruit" interface. Click on the corresponding "Recruit" buttons to be able to recruit different arms of service: infantry, cavalry, archers, bodyguards, and artillery.

2. In the
"Recruit" interface, you can see the generation rates of arms of service, recruitment costs, standby numbers and existing numbers and other information.
(1) Generation rate: duration (in seconds) for the generation of one soldier;
(2) Recruitment cost: cost required to recruit one soldier;
(3) Standby number: number of soldiers successfully recruited and ready for assignment;
(4) Existing number: number of soldiers already generated and to be recruited;
(5) Quick full: automatic use of recruit scrolls existing in the backpack or costs of 15 silvers to supply full military forces.


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