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May 11Interacting with Others


Interact with each other

Q1. How to view other players?

A: In the box at the upper right corner, you can see all the players in the same location. Click on the player you want to know about and select "View Info".


Q2. How to hide world information?

A: At the far right side of the navigation bar in the chat box, you can see a "Hide" button. Click the dropdown list to select the channel you want to hide. After that, the messages in that channel will be blocked.


Q3. How to chat with other players?

A: Way1: Click on the name of the player in the chat box and select "Private";

Way2: Select "Private" on the navigation bar in the chat box; enter the name of the player you want to chat with.


Q4. How to go to other cities?

A: Click on the "Map" icon in the function menu at the bottom of the page. Click on the city you want to go to.


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