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May 11Leveling up


Strategies for Leveling up

Q1. What are novice quests?

A: Novice quests are a series of quests for players to get familiar with the game. By completing novice quests, players can get an overview of the background and operations of the game.


Q2. Where to receive novice quests?

A: Go to "Novice Village" of your capital and find the novice guide Eleanor. She will tell you what to do.


Q3. What is the Practicing Field?

A: Practicing at the Practicing Field is one of the ways to acquire player and hero Exp. Players can also get equipments here. As long as the player's level and combat level meet the requirement of the Practicing Field, the player can practice here. If the player's or hero's level is 5-level higher than that of the Practicing Field, then only one half Exp can be acquired. If the player's or hero's level exceeds that of the Practicing Field by 10 but less than 15 levels, then only one fourth Exp can be acquired.


Q4. How to acquire resources?

A: In the game, there are many approaches to acquire resources. You may "work" in Resource Center to get Resource Collection Point; or you may fight against the thieves in Coin, Timber, Stones or Iron to get the corresponding resources. After Lv.20, you are able to join in the Siege Attack and acquire Coins and resources. After Lv.30, you can acquire a great number of resources by completing resource and coin quests.

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